World Lore

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Throughout all of the multiverse, no world matches the beauty and grandeur that is Osiria. A mainly water-covered world, the lands that are scattered among its seas form what is known as an archipelago of gargantuan proportions. Legend has it that the world was created when the Bytopian Goddess Osiria and the God Procanus of the Plane of Water, fell in love. From their love, Osiria mothered seven children whose domains would come to be known as the seven seas that form the Osirian Ocean.   

The first child, who longed to see the world thrive with life and created the Primordial Belt. An oval-shaped sea that stretched across the equator and gave birth to the first forms of life. Quaozotl is known as the god of fertility, harvest, and medicine. He often appears to mortals as a Shambling Mound or a Couatl.

The second child wished to bring the wonder of the cosmos to Osiria. They created the Celestial Sea, a domain that was innately in tune with magic and the wonder of the astral realm. İlknur is known as the goddess of creativity, mysticism, and the stars. She often appears to mortals in the form of a Ki-rin or a Manastorm.

The third child wanted Osiria to be revered for its power! They made their domain a center of chaotic energy and rich with powerful resources. Thus, the Sea of Iron was created. Horanto is known as the god of war, protection, and forging. He often appears to mortals in the form of a Minotaur or as an Earth Giant.

The fourth child sought out to discover the wonders of the Osirian ocean. They created their domain underwater and made the heavens fearsome to protect what is now The Roaring Deep. Asutali is the goddess of the moons, love (beauty), and discovery. She often appears to mortals as a Sea Elf or a Giant Octopus.

The fifth child took pity on the grotesque monsters of Osiria, they made their domain a place where these monsters could thrive with new intelligence. Thus, the Ashen Sea was born. Xavrius is known as the god of beasts, destruction, and death. He often appears to mortals as a Shadow Wolf or as a Grim Reaper. 

The sixth child grew isolated from their siblings and created a land where they could be at peace with their thoughts. Through icy demeanor, they brought the Blind North into existence. Oumbrov is known as the god of philosophy, wealth, and endurance. They often appear to mortals as a Kitsune or as a Mammoth.

The seventh and youngest child took what was left of Osiria and created a land of neutrality for their family. Small islands and calm waters where no conflict resided became the Silent South. Fortuna is known as the goddess of luck, community, and diplomacy. They often appear to mortals as White Cloaked Mage or as a Golden Stag.

As the world of Osiria evolved and progressed, the children became more and more confrontational over territory. Their avarice and warmongering broke their mother’s heart as their negative evil energy infected her waters. From this turmoil came forth what is now called the Dark Void. Formerly known as the Vast Divide, a stretch of ocean that divided the seas, now a region where all hope is sapped from the hearts of sailors. No, vegetation can grow in the Dark Void, there are no storms, no stars, your compasses do not work, the sun never breaks through the clouds, and there is no noise besides the waves and your breathing.

From the Dark Void, came forth unfathomable aberrations and the horrid Sahuagin. The Sahuagin are bloodthirsty bipedal shark people in a sense. They wish only for carnage and prisoners. Those who are taken prisoner are never heard from again. After the Dark Void rose from the depths, Procanus struck down his trident. He robbed his children of their physical forms and gave independence to their creations. Procanus, however, could not destroy the Dark Void but was able to shrink it.

Now thousands of years after the Dark Void’s creation, the world of Osiria has entered a golden age. Adventurers, sailors, and pirates rule these waters and constantly push back the advances of the Sahuagin. This world is rich with adventure, magic, danger, and of course TREASURE.

Legend of the Osirian Rose – The Osirian Rose is a white rose with blood-red edges. They represent the physical manifestation of Osiria’s love for the mortals of the material plane. They can grow anywhere but are extremely rare. As long as an Osirian Rose can grow, life can thrive. They have natural healing properties and if used correctly can act as the Revivify spell. As long as the healer holds love in their heart for the victim.