The Silent South

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Fortuna, the final child, saw the tension between his siblings and wanted to bring the gaps. They created a land of neutrality where their family could gather in peace and discuss. (Bottom of the southern hemisphere) There are no storms, no hot summers, no cold winters, and the waves are calm at all times. There was a singular large island among the hundreds of smaller islands that were the ancient meeting place of the gods. However, a thousand years ago a scourge of Undead overtook the region and mutated the once peaceful waters. This turn came upon the supposed death of Fortuna. Although this has not been proven. What has been proven is the plague of vampirism and another disease known as The Bloated.

Piracy – The Silent South has been renamed the Dead Waters. It is unclear how the curse of undead came about but the region is now considered a massive Leviathan Domain ruled by a female vampire lord by the name of Serenity. Those people who remained in the region are under thuggish rule and extorted out of what little they have from the undead pirates. Several smaller pirate leagues also exist but they pale in comparison to Serenity’s legion.

Isle of Fortuna – The largest island in the Dead Waters that houses the ancient castle of the gods, now used as a temple of necromancers dressed in red robes. It is unknown what exactly they do on the island but they tend to keep to themselves. Since the rise of undead and necromantic power, the region has retained its perfect weather however there is only sunlight for exactly 6 hours every day..