The Sea of Iron

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The third child Horanto was obsessed with power and strength. Thus he filled his domain with rich mineral deposits and mountains that erupted from the sea. (Northwestern Hemisphere) Tunnels that would delve deep into the Osirian earth. This is the second sea that borders the Blind North. The Sea of Iron is also wrought with chaotic energy, due to the relentless undersea drilling. The main kingdoms that inhabit the Sea of Iron are those of the Dwarves, Githzerai/Githyanki, Vedalken, and Mind Flayers. In the center of the Sea of Iron is an enormous underwater trench called the Great Cascade, rumored to be an entrance to The Abyss.

 Skyreach is the famed kingdom of the dwarves, the country is a collection of gargantuan rocky islands with enormous peaks, The Dwarves live inside the mountains but have made strides towards technology like no other kingdom. They have discovered the gift of mechanical flight and are in the early stages of the very first skyship. The sky’s the only thing left to conquer. Currently at war with the kingdom of Cremara but allied with Bismuth. The Dwarves believe they are the chosen people of Horanto and have massive mines that go into the Underdark.

Helix is two large landmasses that are hotspots of chaotic energy. It is rumored that the Gith who inhabit those lands have found a way to reach the realm of Limbo. Around the landmasses is a dome of floating islands and rocks. Almost like an asteroid belt. The gravity in this region is warped and changes constantly. The gith have become masters of graviturgy magic and are the only ones capable of learning it. They are completely neutral and have been able to keep such status because of the nature of their homeland.

Ravania sits comfortably south of Skyreach and west of Limbus, just right above
Pelaois. Ravania is unique because the above water land was terraformed by the Vedalkens. The Vedalkens were originally from Pelaios but became so versed in arcane magic that they created their subcontinent, as well as their underwater kingdom. They constantly kidnap and experiment on other species, turning them into slaves to make their lives easier. They have made advances in underwater technology and underwater travel. Rumor has it that vedalkens invented doppelgangers to spy on rival nations.

Piracy: there is a collection of small landmasses west of Ravania that are mainly rocky desolate lands just before the Dark Void. As well as dozens of smaller islands between the three main kingdoms. It is these waters and islands that are considered a Leviathan Domain of the Mindflayers. No one knows where the Mindflayers originated but they are hungry for magic. Their leader is a Mindflayer sea raider named Captain Ulysses. This region is inhabited by a ramshackle collection of towns or varying races, known as No Man’s Land. The race of minotaurs were native to here but have since been driven to extinction.

Sahuagin Colonies: There are three underwater Sahuagin colonies at the border of the Dark Void. It is rumored that these colonies dig deep into the Underdark, for whatever nefarious reasons. This is where the Cult of Cthulhu was founded. This region is where the Gates of Oblivion are located; the fabled battleground of the gods when the Dark Void came into existence.