The Roaring Deep

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Asutali, the fourth child, fell in love with the sea and the sky. (Southwestern Hemisphere) They created their domain underwater and made the sky stormy year-round to protect their domain. Despite this, summer is the only season in which there are clear skies. The above water landmasses consist of dozens of small islands and one large subcontinent. The kingdoms that inhabit these waters are those of the Sea Elves, Merfolk, Tritons, and the Dark Elves. The storms that occur here are magical and are often associated with the different schools of magic.

Keo’lo-noma The ancestral birthplace of all Elves. This large tropical-stormy rainforest continent is home to the aquatic sea elves. Being used to the turbulent weather and constant warring, Sea Elves are masters of the roaring deep and are said to be able to tame sea monsters as mounts. The sea elves live one with nature and build their cities to coexist with the jungles of their homeland. There is currently a smaller nation of Dark Elves that is staking claim to a region of Keo’lo-noma.

Tritonia is the underwater kingdom of the Tritons. The Tritons are the middle ground between the Merfolk and Sea Elves, able to thrive both on land and sea. However, they much prefer living underwater. Tritons like to boast about their natural connection to Procanus as their kingdom is his holy city. Above water, the nation’s borders are indicated by a series of watchtowers that are made out of reinforced coral. They are rumored to be in a secret alliance with the Maelstrom kingdom.

Nautiloch is the kingdom of the Merfolk. Also underwater but located in the Arcane Coral Reef in between Keo’lo-noma and Tritonia. The Merfolk are bitter rivals with the Tritons but tolerate the Sea Elves, their biggest concern is the constant onslaught of Sahuagin from the western colonies. Merfolk who become too warped by the Dark Void radiation become a mutated version of themselves called Merrow. Merfolk don’t believe in love, but they understand the concept to manipulate their enemies.

Piracy: since most of the kingdoms in the roaring deep are underwater, dozens of islands are scattered above water. Originally, most of these islands were under the rule of Keo’lo-noma. But they have recently been categorized as a Leviathan Domain as the Dark Elf pirates have recently annexed them. The Dark Elves are led by Althaea the Dark Lady. Dark Elves came about after exposure to the Dark Void. Since then the descendants have been treated as second-class citizens by all other elves. This pirate nation has one of the largest navies in the world. They are a splinter faction that is not in line with the peaceful Dark Elves that are trying to seek independence on Keo’lo-noma.

Sahuagin Colonies: There are three massive colonies at the border of the Dark Void. The Sahuagin use these as a base of operations to wage war on Zolanis and Keo’lo-noma. The Sanguine Tower is also not too far away from the colonies. The Sanguine Tower is the old fortress of a demigod wizard named Lud the Mad.