The Primordial Belt

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Created by the first child Quaozotl. The Primordial Belt is an oval-shaped region that spans the equator of Osirira. The lands in this sea are mainly small islands, medium landmasses, and snake-like land formations. All of the lands within this sea are tropical and scattered with volcanos. It shares a sea border with the Celestial Sea, the Sea of Iron, the Roaring Deep, and the Ashen Sea. The ruins and artifacts found here are the oldest in the world and only a small percentage of them have been explored or discovered.  

Pelaios is the name given to the main island and surrounding landmasses in the center of the primordial belt. The largest Volcano in Osiria, Dokomau is apparently the gateway to the nine hells. Pelaios is where life first blossomed in Osiria. The most intelligent species that inhabit this land are Lizardfolk, Tortles, and the snake-like Yuan-Ti. This is also the only region where dinosaurs live and thrive. Due to the ferocity of its inhabitants and terrain. Pelaois has never been conquered or unified under any form of government. The kingdoms of the world unanimously recognize that Pelaios is an untamable frontier. However, this has not stopped pockets of colonizers from making homes on the coastlines.

Zephyr wasn’t created by Quaozotl. It was summoned into existence from the Plane of Air. Situated right in between the Celestial and Ashen Seas. A group of Aasimar and Aarakorca refugees were seeking asylum from their plane and Quaozotl granted it to them. Zephyr is a collection of floating cities high above the water but is anchored to the bottom of the sea by celestial chains. They can travel if need be but have never needed to. The populace is thriving and healthy but constantly harassed by the Nimbus Kingdom and the Orcs of Grumridge. Although, reclusive the Zephyrians are in no way xenophobic and try to teach pacificism to all their visitors.

Piracy: Even though there is no formal government in the Primordial Belt, it is widely recognized that there is a Leviathan Domain located there. Aside from the central landmasses of Pelaios, the smaller islands and landmasses are unofficially controlled by the Yuan-Ti pirate groups. Their leader is a female Lamia (top half-woman/bottom half serpent) by the name of Nyla Nix. The Yuan-Ti kingdoms have long since collapsed so many of them have taken up piracy. However, it is rumored that they are ulterior motives to bring their race back to its former glory.