The Celestial Sea

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The beloved creation of the second child, İlknur. The Celestial sea encompasses the northeastern hemisphere of Osiria. It is one of the only two seas that borders the Blind North. The Celestial Sea is famed for having the most stars in the night sky, they say you can find portals to the Astral Sea here. Several large landmasses call the celestial sea home and several smaller islands. The most prolific species here are Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Satyrs, Halflings (formerly), Aasimar, and Aarakorca. The region is also famed for an incredible phenomenon called Manastorms, bursts or “storms” of unraveling pulsating magic that can have unfathomable effects on mortals.

The Elemental Union is the largest government power of all of Osiria. It comprises four large subcontinents (five after the war), the four main, human-controlled continents model themselves after the four elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Each subcontinent is controlled by a monarch and they have joined forces to establish dominance over their region. The humans of these kingdoms have since displaced and assimilated the native species that came before them. 

  1. Bismuth – The northern subcontinent, sports a mostly mountainous and canyon spotted landscape, scattered with forests. Known as the land of Rainbow Roads it is ruled by Marlos Urnrayle, a Gorgon who is at constant war with the Goliaths of Boltundun.  The native species of Bismuth, the Centaurs, have begrudgingly assimilated into the kingdom. The Cult of Black Earth originated here and believe that the weak should be purged from Osiria and only the strongest should survive.
  2. Nimbus – The eastern subcontinent, made up of temperate forests and towering spires. This land is nicknamed the Whispering Sonata, their leader is an elf named Aerisi Kalinoth. Her goal is to annex the land of Zephyr. The actual native homeland of humans, they have enslaved and liberated and indoctrinated the Kenku species into second class citizens. This is where the Cult of Howling Hatred originated, with their philosophy of being puppet masters to all facets of the world, working behind the scenes. 
  3. Maelstrom- The southern subcontinent, a tropical and rainy landscape sparse with marshes and swamps. Known by all as the land of Enchanted Geysers, ruled by Gar Shatterskull, a mutated human who successfully conquered the halfling homeland and now leads a reckless attempt to colonize the Primordial belt. The native species of Firbolgs have been forced onto reservations or into the wilds. The Cult of Crashing Waves was started here and their crusade to claim the treasures of Osiria to appease their deity has driven them to war and genocide of teh halfling nation.
  4. Cremora – The western subcontinent that is arid and hot, made up of deserts and plains. Known as the land of Golden Sand, their ruler Vanifer Morthos, a female Tiefling has her sights set on the dwarven kingdom of Skyreach. The native species of Tabaxis and Leonin have become equal citizens among humans. The Cult of Eternal Flame was born here and seek to raze lands so they can be reborn anew, much like their mascot the Phoenix.
  5. Hearthgrove – the Halfling homeland that was conquered long ago by the Elemental Union. Its lush marshes and canals are now abandoned and scattered with the marks of war. The halfling people were almost hunted to extinction. They now travel the seas of Osiria as a nomadic people. The Homeland is now being used as military bases and stockades. Maelstrom colonists have recently started to settle in the stolen lands.

Spiralbow is the homeland of the gnomes and elves. Although the elves are not native, they happily live among the gnomes as a minority. Spiralbow is in the shape of a whirlpool. With land and sea swirling towards the center. The landscape mimics that of the Feywild, lush and magical. In the center is its capital, Temporus, a clockwork city of technology created by the gnomes. Also known as the birthplace of gunpowder, Spiralbow ammunitions are the envy of the world. The gnomes have a fragile alliance made with the Elemental Union.

Piracy: a collection of islands to the west and north of Spiralbow, has been deemed a Leviathan Domain. These islands were originally (and still technically are) territory of Spiralbow. Most of the high elves and eladrin live here but now it is controlled by the Satyr Pirate group. Their leader is a charismatic Satyr pirate by the name of Donovan. The Satyrs are an ostracized ethnic group from Spiralbow. The Satyr pirates are the main reason why the Maelstroms have not been able to eradicate all halflings.

Sahuagin Colonies – a medium landmass east of Spiralbow has recently been taken over by the Sahuagin. It is now used as a base of operations for raids on the Celestial Sea as well as attacking Spiralbow. Spiralbow intelligence has been able to discern that the Sahuagin and “building” something on this island, but they’re not sure what.