The Blind North

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Oumbrov, the sixth child, was not like the rest of their siblings. They detested their brethren. Their icy demeanor was poured into the land they created. Going against the grain of their family they created the LARGEST landmass in all of Osiria, a continent that spanned the entire northern tip. (Top of the northern hemisphere) Mainly covered in ice the creatures that inhabited this land were fearsome and enormous, to deter any advances from the other siblings. This became the homeland of Giants, Goliaths, and later on (post-Dark Void) Wood Elves. A large glacier of ice lays past the coast, which houses the highest, most unclimbable peak in the world.

Boltundun – The name given to the singular icy continent and sometimes, it’s branching islands. The most prominent species here are the Goliaths. They live in a sort of tribal society but have in recent years built more stable villages and towns. Especially as the wood elves and humans have started encroaching on their homes. Goliaths came about after thousands of years of crossbreeding of Giants and other species. The goliaths are also the masters of ice magic as they are naturally in tune with their homeland. The infamous Shadow Caves reportedly lead to the Shadowfell.

Colossus Peninsula – The birthplace of all giants, and home to the ruined capital of Behemoth. Now, this Peninsula is home to human settlers and wood-elves, the goliaths and remaining giants tolerate their existence as the land is cursed and yields little to no bounty. Giants mostly live in Boltundun, but can be found anywhere in the world. The only other place where they are common is in the Iron Sea. Thousands of years ago there was The War of the Titans that led to a cataclysmic event that destroyed Behemoth. In modern times, Giants are an endangered species.

Hypoxia – A medium-sized landmass just at the border of the Blind North and the Celestial Sea. While having a swampy and cold landscape and little to no resources it has now been annexed into the Elemental Union. There is a bid for power over which faction of the Kingdom is to control the island. Plus the people of the island are yearning for independence. Originally, a free nation founded by human separatists, the Elemental Union used its military power to impose its annexation of the country.  

Piracy – Probably the most terrifying Leviathan Domain in all of Osiria. Staking claim to the branching Islands off the coast of Boltundun is a collection of Lycanthrope pirates. These include werewolves, wereravens, werebats, wererats, wereboars, weredragons, and werebears (also weretigers). Their sole prerogative is to raid and pillage Boltundun treasures and villages. Led by a Goliath Werebear raider named Dawncaller. Boltundun is the birthplace of lycanthropy which mirrors the Silent South which is the birthplace of vampirism. The lycanthropes are relentless and are currently allied with Cremara in a cold war with the dwarves.