The Ashen Sea

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The fifth child, Xavrius, grew fond of the monsters of Osiria and created a domain for his precious children. (Southeastern Hemisphere)Granting them with newfound intelligence his domain was a harsh frontier where survival of the fittest was the only mandate. The sea was wrought with volcanic activity as the rage of the creatures surged through the waters. This is where Dragons, Dragonborns, Kobolds, Goblinkind, and Orcs originated from. In recent centuries it has also become the last resort for refugees from the Silent South. The air quality gets steadily worse the more east you sail. (Towards Grumridge).

Dracodiso/Dragonlands – The ancestral homeland of all dragons, Dragonborns, and kobolds. This “nation” is made up of several medium landmasses with diverse environments. There are five landmasses that makeup Dracodiso, each associated with the ten main colors of dragons. Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Brass, and Copper. Legend has it that the dragons carved these lands off from the primordial belt to stake their independence and power in the world. Kobolds live in servitude to the dragons but also in rebellion. The five landmasses are constantly at odds, disputes, or war.

Grumridge – The nation of the orcs, a collection of islands in the shape of a crescent that increase in size. Each island has its active volcano and is a harsh volcanic island landscape. Here the Orcs call their home but live under a large tribal mentality revolving around war and raiding. Orcs who break off from their tribes usually become pirates and can be found anywhere in the world. Every decade at least one of the volcanoes erupt, whenever this happens the orcs wage war on a random nation. There hasn’t been an eruption in the last three decades but that hasn’t stopped the orcs from their regular raids. However, the orcs never attack defenseless or “peaceful” villages.

Piracy/The Styes – Between The Dragonlands and Grumridge are a collection of islands and medium landmasses that are sparse apart. These are the Goblinkind homelands, however, there has never been a formal formation of a government to be considered a nation. Thus, it is considered a Leviathan Domain. The most prominent pirate lord in this region is a Hobgoblin eldritch knight named Yousef. Also, in recent years, a refugee region has formed in the Leviathan Domain, known as The Styes. This came about after the fall of The Silent South. The Styes are mainly humans and elves and the region is extremely impoverished.

Sahuagin Colonies – Three colonies are set up in the Ashen Sea. Two are above water islands that are located near the kingdom of Zephyr. The other colony is located underwater in the furthest corner of the Ashen Sea. The Sahuagin colonies originally planned to lay siege to Zephyr but have been locked in a pseudo war with the Orcs.