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Arc 1

Arc 1 Ep. 9: Long Live the King Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

The King of Feathers returns and isn't too happy to have strangers in his court. Join our not-so-sneaky explorers as they tumble with a giant T-rex! Hiram faces a worthy adversary, Amelia flavors herself, Talia becomes a dentist, Fevious carries the team, and Osa gets in touch with her maternal side. Careful: this episode may contain poisonous burs that may cause you to run into the wilds. Talk to your doctor before listening to Legends of Osiria!

Arc 1 Ep. 8: Kobolds, Crocodiles, and Ghosts, Oh My! Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

GOLD GOLD GOLD! While searching for the source of the magic surges and primal fruit growth, our determined explorers have discovered the grand and ancient city of Omu. This week, Amelia gets trolled, Fevious cracks the code, Talia sets out to write a book, Hiram gets a visitor, and Osa goes panning for gold. What shenanigans, hijinks, and buffoonery will our heroes get into? Don't forget to leave Ichtaca a gift before bed!

Arc 1 Ep. 7: Jungle Booking It Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…. No one sleeps because Osa has been kidnapped! Join our explorers as they rush to her rescue! Fevious comforts a friend, Hiram discovers a new deadly foe, Osa becomes a damsel in distress, Amelia faces her past mistakes, and Charlie makes a grand discovery. Find out what the Pelaios Jungle has in store for our wayward adventurers!

Arc 1 Ep. 6: Blackmarket Blues Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Don't lose your head! Join our explorers as they tussle with some serpentine bad guys in the Pelaios Blackmarket. Amelia learns the ways of the sword, Fevious gets a scaly hug, Charlie goes raving, Osa goes for a late-night swim, and Hiram gets invited to lunch. Find out just how hungry these snake men are and who's on the menu. India Covid/Oxygen Resources https://www.donatekart.com/Hemkunt-Foundation/Give-Oxygen-Cylinders https://linktr.ee/COVID19support.India

Arc 1 Ep. 5: Fear and Loathing in Pelaios Bay Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

AND THE WINNER IS…. our intrepid explorers bask in the glory of their victory and plan their next steps to find the Dream Scroll. Osa hits a growth spurt, Hiram monkeys around, Fevious gets romantic, Charlie has a late-night accident, and Amelia makes a grave mistake. In Pelaios Bay, when the sun goes down the snakes come out.

Arc 1 Ep. 4: The Dino Grand Prix Part 2 Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

…AND THE RACE CONTINUES! The Dino Grand Prix comes to its epic conclusion. Join our racers as they speed through magical mazes, Kobold-infested mines, a cavernous volcano, and the final stretch of the race. This week Osa and Hiram pull a slick gambit, Fevious faces utter doom, Amelia changes colors, and Charlie goes skydiving with a friend. Who will win? Who will lose? Who's going to get those coveted boots? Find out on Legends of Osiria!

Arc 1 Ep. 3: The Dino Grand Prix Part 1 Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

ON YOUR MARKS! GET SET! GO! It's finally here, enjoy part 1 of The Dino Grand Prix with your favorite explorers. Across raging rivers, hostile tribal territory, steep cliff passes, and a pirate ship graveyard. Fevious enjoys the spotlight, Osa bends the rules, Charlie gets to know the natives, Amelia gets a target put on her, and Hiram gets in touch with his inner dinosaur. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will survive? Find out in this installment of Legends of Osiria!

Arc 1 Ep. 2: Be Gay Do Crime Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

The crew prepares for the upcoming dinosaur race with some shopping. Amelia gets deputized. Osa holds her lunch down. Charlie discovers a new fruit. Hiram commits his first crime and Fevious meets an old flame. Plus we get a look at the competition for the race!

Arc 1 Ep. 1: Welcome to the Jungle Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

The crew wraps up their affairs on the ship and prepares for their journey in Pelaios Bay! Hiram meets someone shorter than him. Fevious goes to a rodeo. Osa spills her emotional guts. Amelia almost gets whacked, and Charlie goes roof-hopping. The crew meets an ally with information on the Dream Scroll.


Interlude Part 3: A Blast From The Past Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

The crew finds a member of their party missing right before meeting an old enemy again. This will not have been their first foray with the Crushing Wave cult. As well as several new enemies who are searching for a crew member.

Interlude Part 2: Johnny Boy's Seafood Buffet Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Our heroes finally meet their crew as they set sail for their first mission! Join them as they learn the details and goals of the venture, endure their first storm at sea, and find themselves quickly stranded on an island after the storm with…a person missing?!

Interlude Part 1: Rest & Relaxation Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

The soon-to-be crew spends their downtime in a variety of ways; from shopping and hunting to imbibing strange fluids. Listen to each character's personal downtimes and character to character bonding. Before setting sail for the Primordial Belt.

Arc 0

Arc 0 Ep. 7: The Die Is Cast Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

The crew responds to Lady Helana's avian attacks, rushing to save their comrade Osa and as many of the civilians at the party as possible. Join the crew as they deal with the results of this attack and make vital decisions for the future of their journey.

Arc 0 Ep. 6: Smile and Wave Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Content Warning: Parental Domestic Violence portrayed in this episode The group finds themselves at the door to Charlie's house, greeted by someone Charlie did not expect at all, and multiple winged hostiles. They spend the night, discuss, and plan their next moves and involvement in the political realm of Hypoxia. Join the crew as they attend a political debate and ball, seeking to get to the bottom of the weird attacks happening in Hypoxia.

Arc 0 Ep. 5: Hypoxia Con 2021 Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

The group returns from the Dream Realm on the back of a Manticore only to land on an island not too far from home. Join them as they explore the island, learn about their newfound knowledge books, and visit town to see many familiar faces.

Arc 0 Ep. 4: Oh Look, I've Been Impaled Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

After reuniting on Pink Shimmer island, Hiram gets halfling-napped by Declan. The party gives chase and meets a recently familiar enemy within Declan in their attempt to save Hiram, but will they be able to find a way home?

Arc 0 Ep. 3: Canary in a Coal Mine Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

After being swept away by a tsunami, the group finds themselves separated on a strange, pink island. After meeting a strange companion, they find each other and begin to explore the island, but find that not everyone is who they say they are.

Arc 0 Ep. 2: Jailhouse Rock Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

After the fight with Tsunami, the explorers are taken to jail and questioned on what happened. This questioning gave way to more questionable actions by their captors. Together, they must attempt to escape.

Arc 0 Ep. 1: Hypoxian Hussle Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Join our explorers on the island of Hypoxia as everyone finds their way together. From shady deals, wildshape stealth, and battles on the docks, we really make a name for ourselves for better or worse.

Arc 0 Ep. 0: Meet the Crew Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Listen in for an introduction by the players of themselves, a brief overview of their characters, and some basic plot information leading into our first episode!


Legends of Osiria – Arc 1 Trailer Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Here's a sneak peek of the next installment of the Legends of Osiria Podcast. Immerse yourself in a jungle world of treasure, quicksand, and dinosaurs. Don't forget to bring the bug spray!

Legends of Osiria – Trailer Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Listen to a trailer of our D&D Podcast Campaign – the Legends of Osiria. Before enjoying more episodes.

Bonus Content

Fevious Dhime Power Half Hour Spectacular Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Episode 3 of Arc 1 is on its way! The dino races session turned out to be a massive recording session, so while Anthony edits furiously please enjoy this short and sweet bonus content. Featuring an in-depth interview of Fevious' player! Arc 1 of Legends of Osiria will continue Monday, April 12th.

Kraken Barrel's BBQ&A Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Listen to the cast ask each other questions, some provided by our audience, regarding their characters, background, and roleplay inspiration! Get to know us a little more before the debut of Arc 1!