Legends of Osiria is a Homebrewed D&D 5e Nautical Campaign featuring 6 fabulous players and 1 wonderful DM. Join the adventures of our group as we sail the seven seas of Osiria, experiencing adventure, drama, drinking, fighting, and all of the other wonderful things life entails!

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Arc 1 Ep. 11: Stealing The Declaration of Independence Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

A split party!? OH, THE HORROR!? The gang returns after a hiatus to continue their escapade throughout the Temple of Dendar the Night Serpent. Can they regroup in time to stop Nyla Nix from opening a nightmare portal? Or will their ineptitude bring them to a scaly end? In this episode Harrison joins the party, Talia goes to the clinic, Amelia gets manhandled, Osa loses her favorite boot, and Fevious makes it rain. Fun Challenge: Take a shot/hit/sip every time we say "The Declaration of Independence" in this episode. Note: We are not held liable if you can't hang.

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