Legends of Osiria is a Homebrewed D&D 5e Nautical Campaign featuring 6 fabulous players and 1 wonderful DM. Join the adventures of our group as we sail the seven seas of Osiria, experiencing adventure, drama, drinking, fighting, and all of the other wonderful things life entails!

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Arc 1 Ep. 13: The Calm Before The Storm Legends of Osiria: A D&D Podcast

Aided by the snientist (Snake scientist) Xavier, our heroes hunker down and catch their breath before their final showdown with Nyla Nix. This week Amelia enjoys some sweet tea, Hiram (Harrison) spews out some Halfling History, Osa barters the best trade deal ever, Talia sleeps through the session, and Fevious faces his fears. Follow our explorers as they prepare to venture into the void on Legends of Osiria

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